Nicholas and Alexander Series

The Nicholas and Alexander series allows you to select a variety of options. Choose your cushion type, arm style, back treatment and mechanism. The Nicholas Collection features the arm to the front design while the Alexander Collection offers a T-cushion. Choose from fabric, leather, leather & fabric combinations to further customize your furniture. MotionCraft makes designing your room perfectly catered to you and your individual style!

70-SERIES: Nicholas

Arm to the Front

71-SERIES: Alexander


Standard Dimensions:
Height: 41 in.
Approx. Seat Height: 20 in.
Overall Depth: 37 in.
Semi-Attached Back
Seat Depth: 20 in.
Loose Seat
Total Layout: 71 in.

51- Wall Hugger Power Recliner

71- Glider Power Recliner

72- Swivel Glider Power Recliner

50- Snuggler Power Recliner

20- Dual Reclining Power Loveseat

70- Dual Gliding Reclining Power Loveseat

30- Dual Reclining Power Sofa

74- Center Console Power Sofa

11- Left Arm Power Recliner

12- Right Arm Power Recliner

21- Left Arm Reclining Power Loveseat

22- Right Arm Reclining Power Loveseat

13- Armless Chair

14- Armless Snuggler Chair

16- Armless Power Recliner

17- Armless Snuggler Power Recliner

01- Left Arm Chaise (Stationary)

02- Right Arm Chaise (Stationary)

48- Square Corner (Stationary)

28- Wedge (Stationary)

19- Conversation Wedge (Stationary)

81- Home Theater Left Arm Power Recliner

82- Home Theater Right Arm Power Recliner

16- Home Theater Armless Power Recliner

70098P- Home Theater Power Connecting Console

70099P- Home Theater Power Connecting Wedge

P = Power
X = Option Not Available

SELECT YOUR ARM (Shown on Alexander frames)

R = Rolled (Standard with #2N Nails)

S = Sock

T = Track

B = Boxed

K = Knife